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Heat Treating

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Heat Treating Improves Hardness, Strength, and Machinability.

We leverage decades of real-world manufacturing experience and oversee the heat-treatment process to achieve the most effective outcomes for any specific application. Our manufacturing experts can determine the best heat treatments for specific materials based upon bespoke finished parts requirements, or we can meet the precise metallurgy specifications provided by our customers' engineering team.

Heat treatments can be applied to numerous metal alloys to significantly improve physical properties including hardness, strength and machinability. Properly applied heating processes modify the microstructure or the chemical composition of the material.


Metal is heated to a specified high temperature and then slowly cooled to achieve the desired microstructure. The application of the annealing process results in metal with superior ductility and reduced hardness to improve machinability.

Stress relieving

Is typically employed after CNC machining to eliminate the residual stresses created from the manufacturing process. This involves the heating of parts to a specified temperature to result in more consistent mechanical properties.


A thermal process that produces significantly tougher parts than conventional heat treating. Used in many applications where distortion is critical. The resultant microstructure is very tough, exhibiting 15% higher toughness than a quench & tempered part of the same hardness.


The process of heating the material to a temperature below its critical range, holding and then cooling. Similar to annealing, it is used to improve ductility and to reduce the brittleness of the metal or alloy.

We provide these value-added services for our customers, managing and overseeing the heat-treatment process.

Heat Treating

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