Specialty Services


Providing high-quality part finishes to custom specifications

Specialty Coatings and Anodizing Services.

We offer turnkey manufacturing services, providing a full-range of specialty coatings treatments based upon custom specific engineering requirements. We act as a true partner to our customers, managing the process and taking full responsibility for quality control and logistics management.

For parts that require protection against corrosion, require paint, demand specialty hard-coatings, abrasion-resistance, or long-lasting finishes we leverage a network of ISO-approved partners to ensure customer satisfaction. We have experience specialty coating millions of parts. We work with our customers' engineering teams to meet precise specs, and we provide expert guidance on the best coating and processes for any particular application.

We Provide:

- Anodizing

- Galvanizing

- Electroplating

- Powder Coatings

- Paint Coatings

- Corr-I-DurĀ® thermochemical treatment

- Others

We also provide specialty Heat Treatment services, which you can learn more about by clicking here.


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