Expert Capabilities

Engineered Castings

Providing Engineering and manufacturing expertise

State-of-the-art and ahead of the curve. From rough castings to precision finished parts.

Our organization possesses decades of casting and machining experience – providing reliable, best-in-class service to OEMs. Our valued customer base includes Fortune 500 companies and growing small / medium business enterprises throughout the United States. With more than 30 years of casting experience we can help evaluate your needs, then source your castings from a proven network of local and international foundries to meet your delivery, metallurgy and budget requirements.

We leverage our extensive industry knowledge and state-of-the-art manufacturing expertise to machine and finish your parts to your precise standards. We also provide value-added services including component assembly, kitting, coatings, heat treating and warehousing and logistics. Our engineering team works with our customers to determine the most effective production methods from low to medium to high production requirements.


All of our castings are produced and finished to ISO quality specifications.


We provide logistics and inventory management services at our facility, to ensure that parts are delivered when and where our customers need them.


We work in a wide range of applications, including water infrastructure, vertical transportation, agricultural equipment, automotive, hydraulics, pumps, valves, and many others.

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