Expert Capabilities

Decades of Manufacturing experience

Precision casting, CNC manufacturing, and inventory management services.

We offer a full-range of precision castings, CNC machining services, engineered solutions, specialty services and inventory management services to help our customers achieve their business objectives. We are dedicated to quality, speed, precision and JIT delivery solutions while keeping our customers' budgetary constraints in mind. Decades of successful industry experience make us uniquely equipped to help overcome the challenges faced by our customers.

Expert Capabilities

Precision Machining

Exceptional quality machined parts from castings, bar and plate stock at competitive value.

We offer precision CNC machining services and consider various factors in determining the most effective production method. We work from castings, bar, tubing, plate stock, and other commodities as specified.

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Automation and Robotics

Cutting-edge advanced robotic technologies

Our advanced manufacturing technologies, including automation and robotics, provide optimal, cost-effective solutions ideal for repetitive tasks and extended production shifts.

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Engineered Services

Reduce risk and quickly see a return on investment.

Our engineering team performs in-depth reviews of parts requirements, and identifies foreseeable challenges before production proceeds. We are always working to provide proactive solutions.

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Engineered Castings

Casting and so much more.

Powered by decades of industry excellence, we provide engineered castings, finished parts, kits and assemblies that exceed our customers' exacting project needs. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of all we do.

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Diversified Foundry Network

Our global foundry network delivers timely and cost-effective solutions.

We source castings from our reliable domestic and international foundry partners, in order to meet your specific budget, delivery, metallurgy and engineering requirements.

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High-quality processes begin with the right equipment.

Our in-house capabilities are unmatched. We deliver high-volume, complex projects across a range of materials at higher quality and greater efficiency than the competition.

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